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BCLG Solutions

BCLG Solutions, Inc. (BCLG), is a company established in Houston, Texas, USA, focused on  consulting services, supplies and construction for the electrical and industrial sectors, in response to the requirements and needs of the global productive sector.

BCLG is integrated with a highly skilled human capital, with a large experience in the development of Energy, Automation and Information Technology and Telecommunications projects, which qualifies it as a company with high potential to provide its customers with a quality service that allows them to achieve their objectives and requirements.


Efficiently develop Automation projects, Information technologies, Telecommunications and Energy, as well as the supply of equipment for power systems in Generation, Transmission and Distribution, based on the best practices and international standards, in order to meet the needs of our clients.


To be a leading organization at the regional level in the supply of electrical equipment and engineering services, recognized for the excellence and quality of its products.

We are specialists in:

  • Power Systems in EHV, HV, MV y LV.
  • Protection, Control and Automation Systems.
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Electronic Security Systems.
  • Supply of Power, Control and Automation Equipment.


Electrical Protection Systems

Configuration and Protection Calculation, settings and Coordination.

Electrical Systems

Load Flow, Short Circuit, Stability, Wide Area Protection, etc. Ground Grid Studies, Insulation Coordination, Electromagnetic Fields and Power Quality. Industrial Automation Systems and Industrial Processes (SCADA, EMS, DMS, GIS, DCS).

Integral Planning for Electrical Systems

Load Studies, Demand Forecasting and Analysis.

technical and economic feasibility

Studies of technical and economic feasibility of Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Renewable Energy projects.


Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Process

Conceptual Engineering

Basic Engineering

Detailed Engineering

Protection Engineering, Control, Measurement, Automation and Telecommunications


  • Technical Specifications.
  • Procurement of equipment and materials.
  • Technical - economic Proposal Evaluation.
  • Inspection and / or acceptance of factories equipment and materials.
  • Supply and installation of power equipment.
  • Supply and installation of process automation equipment.
  • Protection Boards, Control, Measurement.
  • Auxiliary Services, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Rectifiers.
  • Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) Protection and Control.
  • Distribution transformers.

Other Services

  • Project Management and Management Support.
  • Technical Advisories.
  • Specialized and certified personnel supply.
  • Civil and Electromechanical construction services.
  • Maintenance and Rehabilitation services of equipment and panels (Retrofit).
  • Advice on Energy Efficiency.
  • Power Backup Consulting.
  • Training in all areas of specialty and services performed.
  • Testing and Commissioning of primary and secondary equipment for Electrical Substations.

Our Clients

Some works carried out

  • Advice on bid preparation the Project “Manufacture, supply and assembly of Submarine and Underground Cables for the Maracaibo Lake Crossing, Zulia Venezuela”
  • Basic and Detail Engineering for GIS Substations, Transmission Lines and the 400 kV Submarine and Underground Cables for the Project “Manufacture, supply and assembly of Submarine and Underground Cables for the Maracaibo Lake Crossing, Zulia Venezuela”
  • Configuration, Setting and Testing of ABB REB670 Bar Protection Differential Relays at Guatemala North and Guatemala East substations of the INDE company
  • Luisa Cáceres – Chacopata Submarine 230 KV cable protection test. SIEMENS 7SA522 and GE F60 protections devices On Site Acceptance Test and Commissioning.
  • Training in TOSMAP Distributed Control System (TOSHIBA) Module I in Mexico
  • Basic and Detail Engineering in Process, Control, Protection and Instrumentation disciplines for "Renewal of Electrical Generation of Refining Center Paraguaná - RENGEL" PDVSA project, (GE LM2500 units +) and two CORPOELEC projects (Pratt and Whitney units).
  • Protection Coordination for power backup systems at Power Distribution Center (CDP) of PDVSA.
  • Management support, Inspection and Supervision in Pariaguán, Oasis and San Diego 230 KV Substations at Cabrutica for CORPOELEC.
  • Project Management for "Mayor Maintenance on Substations and Power Transmission Lines at PDVSA Occidente, Tierra Norte and Tierra Sur" project
  • Shielding Design for 400 KV and 115 KV patios at Angostura Substation for CORPOELEC.
  • Conceptual Engineering for Protection, Communications and Control at Expansion of Chacopata II and Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi Substations (230 kV Submarine Cable Terminals at Margarita Island) for CORPOELEC.
  • Protective Equipment functional tests for the first two GE TM2500 units at "Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Emergency Generation Mobile Units - Venezuela" project for CORPOELEC.
  • Repair and technical service to automatic transfer switchs of the Kristoff Hotel.
  • Reliability Analysis for Electrical Power supply to PDVSA Los Morros Gas Compression Plant at San Juan de Los Morros, Guárico, Venezuela.
  • Development of Metric Computations and supply and installation of all electrical conduits (pipes, boards, cables, grounding, etc.) HQ Mall and Turmalina and HC buildings.
  • Prospective Evaluation of energy requirements and impact for "Guanare - Masparro Agricultural Project " in the Energy Indicative Plan influence area.
  • Developement and Coordination of training program for ALSTOM, SIEMENS, ABB, VAMP and General Electric equipment installed at Don Luis Zambrano Thermoelectric Plant and Vigía and Moralito substations.
  • Basic and Detail Engineering for Manaure 115/13.8 kV HIS Substation and Cardon 115/ 34.5 kV GIS Substation, Falcón, Venezuela.

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Ing. Edgar de Jesús Lugo Fuenmayor


en vídeo: Obras Civiles asociadas a Subestación Eléctrica Peonias en Proyecto "Fabricación, suministro y montaje de los cables submarinos y subterráneos a 400 kV para el cruce del lago de Maracaibo, Zulia-Venezuela."​